The payday loan in Quebec

payday loan in Quebec

The payday loan in Quebec is one of the ways to have a quick loan without a credit check.

The payday loan in Quebec is an amount that is granted to the client for a maximum period of 12 weeks, repayable in equal payments at each pay period of the applicant until repayment of the loan. A cash advance or loan is intended to provide a short-term financial solution for a short-term problem. The first loan must be repaid in full before a new loan is granted.

Your micro payday loan responds to an urgent need, firstly you grant the privilege and the right to deduct a pre-established amount each pay day. You can customize your payment cycle according to your needs. If you ever fail to pay, additional fees may be added. For example, if you are paid every two weeks an amount will automatically be sent to the lender. Improved and disciplined financial hygiene is desirable to take advantage of the speed of the loan without getting in a bad position or worsening your current situation.

The conditions of a payday loan can change from one lender to another in Quebec.

Here are the conditions for a payday loan at Credit500prêts:

  • From 28% By loan Brokerage fees
  • Fixed charge added to the initial value of the loan
  • Capitalization of the loan $ 0.50 by bank transfer
  • Bank charges
  • Late payment from 32% plus costs incurred
  • Lack of funds (Default of payment)
  • Fee of $ 45 per withdrawal refused

Credit500 Loan and responsible lending

CAUTION: Be careful and think carefully before making a payday loan in Quebec. Please borrow responsibly if you have no other solution available quickly. The interest rate is still higher than that of conventional financial institutions (banks or caisses populaires). It is not so much the cost of interest that can put you in a difficult situation, but the frequency with which you resort to borrowing. However, contracting a large number of short-term loans at the same time could lead to serious financial problems and an impossible debt. * No credit denied if you meet the requirements. You will have no problem getting a loan from us.



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