personal loan without proof

prêt personnel sans justificatif

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personal loan without proof

You can make a personal loan without proof by making a loan ranging from $ 100 to $ 5000 without any request for documents affecting your credit. Your fast loan also called: Micro Loan, Loan Without Inquiry, Small Loan, is a form of loan not affecting your credit score like conventional loans. The type of loan is done without asking you any question and without proof. The reasons for making a personal loan may vary. You can make a microphone ready for any of the following reasons:

  • Unexpected debt
  • For a last minute trip
  • Festive gift from a loved one


On the other hand, you must understand that the micro loan is a type of loan with interest rates much higher than the conventional loan. Firstly because this type of loan is much riskier than people with good credit. The% is between 26% and 33%. Most lenders in Quebec offer the loan service with an amount allocated to the management of your file. In other words, your final rate is much higher than the rate accepted in Quebec.



No stress with the documents and the reasons for the loan


prêt personnel sans justificatif


Personal loans help people in need. That is, people with bad credit. You have bad credit if you are in one of the following situations:     

  • Liberated or bankrupt     
  • Several default     
  • Debt consolidation process


Despite the financial difficulties and lack of confidence of conventional financial institutions, you will have a personal loan without question and according to your pay cycle. You can rely on the lender to understand your needs. Payments are made according to your pay cycle, eg you are paid every two weeks on Friday morning, so your payments are taken directly into your account in the afternoon to make sure the money is there at the time of the transfer. . You are not unaware that the micro loan is a temporary solution that is done responsibly. You repay at the right time because otherwise you will pay late fees. It’s frustrating to see a $ 40 fee. Some lender make the loan despite the sensible appearance of the client’s finances. Be sure to do it by paying it back.



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