How to make a micro loan without document

micro loan without document

micro loan without document

How to make a Micro loan without documents in Quebec?

The micro loan is ideal for people in any of the following situations:
  • Bad credit
  • Unemployed
  • On social welfare
  • Unemployment insurance


What is a micro loan without a document?

Micro loan without documents, the fastest way to have a loan when your credit is very low. All banks and lending institutions have direct access to a credit company. From Equifax to TransUnion, your credit score is scanned and analyzed before giving a loan application. If you know that your credit score is low, you will be automatically denied when you apply.


Most people think that a paperless quick loan request refers to the fact that no document will be required from the borrower to apply for a loan. The truth is that not only will you have documents to provide, but you will also need to provide proof of his documents. No verification will be done at any credit bureau, but you will need to provide proof of residency and more.

Document to be provided

Document to provide when requesting a micro loan without a document     

  • Personal identification (proof of residence with telephone account etc.)     
  • Proof of employment (Pay stub etc.)     
  • Bank proof (pay stub, etc.)


value of the loan

Generally in this type of online loan the associated amount is often $ 100 to $ 1500 without inquiry and without asking for your credit score. Here is a list of the amounts generally given according to your notoriety at the lending company.


  • 100$
  • 250$
  • 500$
  • 750$
  • 1000$
  • 1250$
  • 1500$

In conclusion

When you see micro loan without a document, it does not mean without a document completely. It is noted that without document mean without formal request to the credit bureau. If you are in a bad financial position, you will surely have to go through a micro loan business in order to be accepted, but you could still try with a loved one or family so you do not have a quick loan ambition.

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