How to make a quick loan without proof?

How to make a quick loan without proof?

How to make a quick loan without proof?

Quick loan without proof offers the possibility to anyone with a bad credit to make a loan. The concept is simple, you need to provide documents formalizing your statements, but no investigation will be made in your credit report. You can make a loan immediately after the release of your bankruptcy. None of your documents go directly to a credit bureau.

Send your documents to the credit bureau

The lender, or the lending company does not send any documents to any of the credit bureaus. Your file will not be affected by a request. You should know that the loan application is processed directly upon receipt of your documents. You will receive a response following your request. Refuse by the lender, that does not mean that he refuses you forever, but say that for the moment you are not accepted. What is a credit report? Your credit report is one of the main items looked at by lenders in order to judge an applicant’s credit. Your credit report contains all the information of your transaction and credit request. Bad credit can stay up to 7 years depending on your file. You can apply for free credit in Quebec via — HERE




Personal information to provide

Quick loan between individuals offers the chance to limit the information provided to a minimum. You must understand that the lender must know who he is doing business with. There is still some basic information that needs to be provided. Address, pay stub, employer, etc. The lender must ensure that you have the necessary funds to repay the requested loan. No loan application affects your credit. That is, no document is sent to an official credit bureau.

Refund on time

To conclude, although lenders offer unsupported loans, you must understand that it is your responsibility to be able to repay the loan according to the terms of the lender. You can arrange with the company, but it will be difficult for you not to pay a return fee on a bottomless balance. The out of each day’s levy if the funds are not in the expense account generally applies ranging from $ 45 to $ 55 for a delay. This adds to your debt.


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