How can I get instant financing quickly ?

financement instant instant financing quickly

What is instant financing : A form of fast financing at a higher interest rate, which can be granted despite a bad credit score.

What is instant financing: A form of fast financing at a higher interest rate that can be granted despite a bad credit score.

Instant financing offers an opportunity for people with bad credit to borrow money quickly. Financing renovations or car repairs, you can quickly meet your financing needs. Stay cautious about the contract between you and the lender. Fast lenders offer a multitude of ways to pay off your loan, but the going rate is very high. The problem is often the risk associated with the loan.


Credit500Loans reminds you that a fast loan is a quick solution to a temporary problem. This means that you should not use the instant financing as a source of income to be paid back later. This is not a responsible way to grow financially.

You can get instant financing even if:

  • You have filed for bankruptcy in the past few years
  • Your credit score is below the acceptable average


Credit500Loans helps you answer the following questions:

Can I get mortgage financing?
How much of a payment can I make for this type of loan?
How do I get a loan after a bankruptcy?

1-the micro mortgage

The micro loan and the mortgage have nothing to do with each other. Indeed, if you want to obtain a micro mortgage, you must meet with a private loan broker who will guide you in obtaining your loan. Fast lenders do not offer this type of loan over $1500.

2-The payments of an instant financing quickly

Payments are made in installments according to your pay cycle. For example, if you are paid weekly, you can pay off your loan weekly on the same day or the day after you get paid.


For example: if you make a $1000 loan with payments over 3 months
Weekly payment installment amounts $125
for 3 months bi-monthly payment amounts $250
3 months monthly payment amount $500


Obviously, the faster you pay back the smaller your payments will be. If you want to pay over 1 month, the payments are higher.



3- a loan after bankruptcy


It will be very difficult for you to get approved for a loan if you are in a personal bankruptcy situation. You must have completed your bankruptcy before you can apply for a loan. Completing a bankruptcy refers to the fact that your trustee has discharged you from your bankruptcy. This usually takes between 12 and 24 months. You can then apply for a loan if you are able to meet the lender’s criteria.




You must always be alert with your personal finances. Indeed, you must understand your loan contract with your lender. This allows you to understand your repayments and your involvement in the loan. You should also understand that this type of loan is a short-term solution and should not become a permanent solution. To help you with your personal finances, you can seek help from your financial representative. If you do not have a representative, you can ask an advisor at your financial institution who will help you better understand your commitment.

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